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If you are looking to improve the rankings of your website in Cardiff, SEO audits are crucial to understanding exactly what work needs to be carried out.

Many SEO agencies overcomplicate search engine optimisation, but our SEO audits will scientifically show you what you are missing.

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If you are looking for a push-button SEO strategy, these search engine optimisation audits are not for you because, the truth is, it’s taken a lot of work to generate higher rankings in the search engines.

SEO doesn’t have to be complicated.

Our bespoke SEO audit will show you exactly what needs to be implemented. A single push-button hack would be disingenuous and misleading.

Get an advanced SEO audit for your online property to know exactly what is needed to achieve SEO success.

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SEO Audits

Who Are We?

We are a leading SEO audit company with many years of experience in the industry. Our knowledge of interpreting Google search console and Google analytics data means our site audit is a perfect match to enhance your site’s organic search.

Our number one priority is to improve your website’s performance in both Google and other search engines. The information we provide WILL improve your organic traffic and position in the search results if you follow the site audit blueprint.

You are in safe hands!

Everyone involved with SEO Audits has had unbelievable success in ranking their own websites.

What is Included in Our SEO Audit in Cardiff?

Our SEO audits are broken down into the most important components:

Our research focuses on the main components of what makes the difference in your SEO campaign, which are content and backlinks.

We pride ourselves on being different from any other traditional technical SEO audit you can find online.

Local Links For In Cardiff

You may be confused about how many links you need to grow your site’s organic search traffic.

Our in-depth site audit will help you determine the type of links to build, the number of links you need to rank, and exactly where to point these backlinks.

This gives you the confidence to know exactly how many backlinks are needed to outrank your competitors and achieve the top spot on Google. Getting the right sort of links from the start will take your site’s SEO to the next level and ensure you do not build any spammy links that are perceived as a danger indicator by Google.

Following the site, audit blueprint gives you the peace of mind that you have done everything the right way and you will not be exposing your site to penalties after every algorithm update.


The content audit will specifically give you the pages Google wants to see on your site in order to see it as an authority in your industry.

You need to ensure you have no thin content on your site and you are covering the topic in its entirety before your pages are indexed by Google.

We carry out an extensive gap analysis to compare your website to your top 3 competitors!

This gives you the blueprint to know exactly the number of pages you are missing compared to your competition, as well as the word count you should be aiming for on each page.

Keyword Research

The site audit will also provide results from the perfect keyword research to ensure the pages on your site are visible for all the related keywords.

Keyword research is crucial since it can uncover crucial information that can help you grow your business online.

Our keyword research results tell you the terms people are actively searching for, how competitive those keywords are, and how to improve organic search exposure, rankings, and traffic with your content marketing strategy.

Ultimate SEO Audit

How Much Does the SEO Audit Cost?

Our specialist SEO Audit is currently on offer for only $240.

For a limited time, you will also get this back as free credits to spend on content and link packages.

When you compare this to the monthly cost of the SEO tools used to create the ranking audit, this is a sure-fire way to enhance the visibility of your business online without overspending.

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What Is Not Included In Our SEO Audit?

Here are some elements that are not included in our SEO Audit process:

All the above SEO strategies are important but can easily be carried out in-house with site crawl tools like Screaming Frog, Sitebulb or Oncrawl.

We pride ourselves on being different from the traditional site audit tool that claims to improve site search.

What SEO Audit Tools Do We Use?

We use the following SEO Audit Tools as part of our process:

If you wanted to purchase these tools yourself, you would be looking at around $6,500 per month.

Although this is feasible for some businesses, you will need someone with experience to correctly interpret the data and put the results into an easily digestible format.

At a fraction of the price, our SEO audit gives you the roadmap to improve your website’s organic search traffic and visibility.

Why Do SEO Agencies Hate Our SEO Audit Strategy?

Most UK SEO companies do not like our strategy of providing a unique SEO audit for customers’ websites as it eliminates the need for high management fees from local SEO agencies.

Ranking in Google is basic math, and we provide the formula for exactly what your website is lacking to compete against your competition.

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How to Rank Websites in Cardiff?

If you focus your attention on these areas for your website, you will drive more traffic and higher rankings in the search engines.

Topical Authority

Our SEO Audit provides a keyword clustering process that helps formulate a topical authority content strategy.

We used specialist artificial intelligence keyword grouping tools to generate 100s of article ideas to cover the topic in its entirety.

We prioritised the most important entities and articles based on keyword volume, difficulty and relevance.


Our SEO Audits calculate the word count, so there is no problem with low word count or duplicate content issues.

Having a bulk content creation strategy to improve your publishing velocity is important to show Google you are an expert in your industry.

The faster you publish, the quicker you’ll rank as you will get past the authority wall and have topical authority on your given subject.

Backlinks For Cardiff

Our SEO Audits provide a mathematical report on the areas you are lacking in power on your website.

External links to your web pages show a sign of trust and importance that Google rewards you for.

Many business owners waste a lot of money and time on building the wrong types of links. Our easy to digest backlink audit breaks everything down from link velocity to where to send the external links.

Why Do Most SEO Audits Concentrate on the Wrong Areas?

Search engine optimisation audits focus the SEO efforts on the wrong places, which actually matter the most.

Disavowing toxic links, looking for duplicate pages, checking only one version of your site with redirects, internal linking structure, slow-loading sites, and fixing broken links are all important to your SEO efforts, but the likelihood of these harming your website is minimal.

99% of websites from previous audits suffer from the same problems, and it is a lack of quality referring domains and missing content gaps that you need to cover on your site.

Covering the topic in its entirety to grow your keyword rankings and improve your domain authority will be what helps you grow your organic search traffic when looking in the Google search console.

SEO Audit Process

The SEO audit process is:

  1. Click here to order the ranking blueprint.
  2. Enter your personal contact details.
  3. Complete Purchase
  4. Send your domain and three competitors.
  5. The Ranking Blueprint will start.
  6. Within 30 days, you will receive an in-depth SEO audit.

The SEO audit process is simple, and if you implement the ranking blueprint, you will start to rank in the search engines for target keywords.

Grow your organic search traffic and watch those rankings skyrocket.

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Popular Questions

What is an SEO Audit Service?

An SEO audit service involves the assessment of your website’s SEO, including technical, off-page, and on-page SEO, and making recommendations for how to improve it.

Our specialist site audit specifically focuses on the content and backlinks you are missing, which are two of the most important ranking factors.

Is an SEO Audit worth the money?

An SEO audit is most definitely worth it if your website needs more traffic and isn’t currently ranked at the top of Google.

Many businesses are confused about what signals they should and shouldn’t be sent to Google. Our SEO audit does the hard work for you, using tried and tested methods to provide you with the blueprint to rank.

How Long Does the SEO Audit Take?

Our in-depth SEO audit can take up to 30 days to complete.

An SEO specialist will analyse the content and links you are missing, as well as carry out the perfect keyword research.

We also provide you with the places to buy the perfect SEO-optimised content and backlinks, which will help grow your brand.

What Are the Next Steps After a Site Audit?

Once you have received your SEO Audit, you just have to follow the blueprint guidelines. This will include:

If you need help putting this into place, we are always happy to help.


Living in your Google search console and using Google analytics in the hope your website will improve in the search engine results is not going to happen.

A professional ranking blueprint sets out the exact steps you need to take to improve your site’s search so your own site can start to generate more sales or enquiries.

The site audit will work for local SEO audit results or huge eCommerce websites. The algorithm works in the same way that you need to concentrate your time and efforts on the most important search engine ranking factors in April 2022.

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